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Istanbul beckons In the strips of orange hue The dawn breaks on us The massive beast Pursues its destined course Towards the great city Engines roaring in thunderous advance Rapidly we make our way A city awaits us In welcome Black Sea on one side Bosphorus on the other Istanbul beckons Still waking up (8/21/14) […]


These poems are dedicated to a recent visit I paid to the country of my birth, Ghana with my family. They were written on the plane that brought us back: Wistful I feel wistful Memories ebb and flow Pleasant and unpleasant The country beats In my heart and soul I long for you all Already […]

Before My Maker

Before My Maker Before my Maker How my life played out That which I should Have done That which I did That which I didn’t That which I wanted To do Those I made happy Those I made sad Those I encouraged Those I discouraged Those I loved Those I resented Those I helped Those […]