Monthly Archives: November 2017

Saying Thanks

Saying Thanks     Pouring from my heart Pouring from my soul Pouring from my spirit   A joy A peace A gratitude   My hourly My everyday My weekly My monthly My yearly   Protector Supplier Healer Friend Father God I say Thanks (11/23/17)   Advertisements


Sacrifice     Sacrifice Of my time Of my strength Of my brain Of my money Of my desires Of my wants Of my being Of my relations Of my ambitions Of my life Of my everything   To serve And To please Him (9/2/17)  

Seasons in my life

Seasons in my life       Season of peace Season of anxiety Season of health Season of sickness Season of plenty Season of serenity Season of work Season of no work Season of safety Season of danger Season of highs Season of lows   That God our Father May  keep us May  strengthen us […]

My Angel

My Angel       The One to me assigned The One to me a missive sent The One to me a need met The One to me a protection provided The One to me a healing effected The One to me a timely warning The One to me a support offered The One to […]