Monthly Archives: January 2018

Come to the banquet

Come to the banquet     Come To the banquet Come To the feast Come To the table Come To the Master   He invites You He summons You He implores You Even if you are good Even if you are bad   The Invitation is the same Come to the banquet Come to the […]


MLK’s dream     Martin’s dream The people’s dream Every people’s dream The world’s dream     He had a dream He gave us a dream He asked us to dream He showed how to dream He lived the dream He died for the dream     That no matter Who we are What our […]

Got to keep ’em going

Got to keep ‘em going     Got to pray for ‘em Got to listen to ‘em Got to give support to ‘em Got to weep with ‘em Got to be there for ‘em Got to laugh with ‘em Got to send a shout out to ‘em     Our pastors Our leaders   They […]


2018   To the one who perpetually despairs To the one who lives for self To the one in deep desperation To the one always in difficulties It is just one more day Of the continuation   But   To us who trust in Him To us who live for Him To us who are […]