Monthly Archives: August 2013

Jumbled up

Jumbled up Jutting out Good among bad Order with disorder Chaos together With cosmos Back to front Bottom to top Dirty mixed up With clean Shorts on top Shirt on the lower side Exit at entrance Conclusion before Introduction PM before AM Snowstorm in mid summer Sunset in the morning Sunrise at night On and […]


This is a poem originally written in French in the late 80s (when the Cold War was still prevalent )and taken from my archives. It still has relevance today. La Paix Ils ont fait la bombe atomique Ils ont fait la bombe d’hydrogène Ils ont fait les chars Ils ont les voitures blindées Ils ont […]

A chicken

A Chicken *Akoko due, due, due due oo Obi yare a ope akoko ato That’s it alright I am a chicken And my lot is not always A happy one I am safe as long as I am a chick Men always have varied plans All the time for me Every occasion that calls For […]

The Lost Ones

The Lost Ones Imprisoned by the dream of A paradise in Europe and America We went forth in search of it Slaves we became to our Caucasian brothers Their streets we swept clean Just for a pittance Jobs we wouldn’t take up at home We did without complaining Just for a pittance Limbs shivered from […]

Black Beauty

Black Beauty Fanta face , Coca cola neck and body They bleach their faces in order To lighten the color of their skin So that black African man and others Will look at them twice Black beauty is not good enough to them Ungratefulness to their Creator they show Risks to their future health they […]