Monthly Archives: September 2016

He is still there

He is still there       Sometimes it seems God is helping us So much and everything Is going on alright Then He puts you on hold And seem to disappear You whisper You weep You scream You shout But nothing happens There is only silence   The silence hurts The silence crushes But […]

The beaten paths

The beaten paths       The paths that are trod By many The paths that are trod By everyone The paths recommended By the worldly wise The paths marked out By the experts The beaten path     This may not be the path That You beat out For me Take me on the […]

That day (9-11 remembered)

That day       New York And yet New York again Shanksville, PA Pentagon in Arlington Stood in our place And bore the brunt Of the evil of Evil men     Many souls perished Yet many fled to safety The Twin Towers Were gone So much was lost Great evil had come Right […]


Everything       Everything Everything Everything No matter who No matter what They are   Systems Organizations Societies The good The bad The wicked     Bow and will bow Again and again Before You O Lord Our God (5/22/16)  

Face of God

  Face of God       The face of God From which Moses Has to turn away The face of God Which angels Do not gaze upon Which no one can Behold now     We will see Him Face to face And worship Him As You crown Jesus Lord of all (6/12/16)   […]