Monthly Archives: May 2018

His help

  When peace is absent I call on You my Lord and my God   You hear me in my darkest hours and come to me   who can ever be compared to an awesome God like You (5/2/18) Advertisements

Folks I have lately been enamored with haikus so I have produced a few. In the course of the coming weeks I will be sharing them with you. As you may know they do not come with titles . The power of this genre is in the inherent spontaneity in the thoughts on anything. I […]

Mothers’ Day – (haikus)

Mothers’ Day¬† (haikus)     Mothers are good and a blessing God made them very special for us   Mothers, mothers, mothers for all your care we say thanks A million   Sweet mothers of today and years gone by evergreen in your devotion     majestic, wonderful , dear, caring our adulation unceasing coming […]

My example

My example   The only Jesus anyone will see The only God anyone will know   My eye His eyes My ear His ears My mouth His mouth My feet His feet My hands His hands   The world watches The world expects The world envisions   That I may use That I may deploy […]

Spring sprouts

Spring sprouts     Bird suddenly chirp louder in merry song To their Great Creator   Voices of people in warm greetings to others The season has changed   More rain falls and the world becomes colorful in response to His goodness   Thank God our Mighty Lord For all the springs That You give […]