Monthly Archives: September 2012

I had a dream

I had a dream I had a dream yes I had a dream last night and a dream it was A red and black cow very furious chased me till I climbed a big tree in the tree was a big black snake which on seeing me attempted to bite and swallow me up I […]

Neil Armsrtong

1969   One, two, three, four, five Six, seven, eight, nine Ten and eleven    Apollo with his eleventh Missive lunar Dawned upon a Neil Landed on the moon   Man’s acts of curiosity Not of defiance Frontiers broken New knowledge gotten   Uncle Neil & Co   A July day it was Nineteen hundred and […]

Hyde Park

In the Sun     Green grass after green grass in the sun Big and small trees In the sun Horse riders trotting In the sun Thin and milling crowds In the sun Planes flying by In the sun Pigeons happily pecking about In the sun Squirrels scampering around In the sun   Strollers, hikers, […]

Different colours

A friend who comes to talk with you A friend who comes to give advice A friend who comes to you for help A friend who comes to sympathise with you A friend who comes to offer assistance A friend who is there in rain or shine A friend who will occasionally betray A friend […]