Monthly Archives: February 2016

The Last Word

The Last Word       He is the last Word Not money Not poverty Not sickness Not success Not defeat Not the powerful Not the weak Not the plans of men Not the leaders Not anything Not anyone God is indeed The last Word Always (9/17/14)                 […]

Three dollars of God

Three dollars of God       Three dollars of God And not much more I don’t want to be Too involved I don’t want too many To know That I attend church I don’t want my business associates To know that I have religion so to speak I don’t want my golfing friends To […]

A Val for us all

  A Val  for us all     An occasion An opportunity To show To reinforce To renew A care A concern A love A help What Valentine himself intended   we drink we savor we indulge   To a Mother Father Brother Sister Friend Relation Lover Husband Wife     Show we That which […]


  Friendships   May great friendships never flounder May great friendships never fade May great friendships never melt May great friendships never outdate Till we are done in time (6/6/13)