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Dominated     That my life In this year Would be Dominated By praise Whether in the Highs and lows Deeps and shallows   That I may Never forget To praise you   May my life Be dominated By praise In this year (1/10/16)       Advertisements

A winter tale (in the midst of a blizzard)

    Song of W.S. Jonas       Yesterday In the early afternoon And it started to snow And it snowed And it snowed All night long The snow music played Big boy Winter Storm Jonas The blizzard Finally made his appearance Mild at first Snowy winds blowing Sometimes strong Sometimes calm All night […]


Calculations       Subtract this issue Add that dimension Multiply the solution Divide the resources In the right proportions Examine the angle Estimate the size The required formula The vectors which influence Calculate the needs Quadratic nature of problems The neglected equation The geometry of the area Diametric difference in perspective The key algorithm […]

Two Cities

Two Cities     Babylon New Jerusalem Babylon, cursed city New Jerusalem, Holy City Babylon of the dragon New Jerusalem of bliss Babylon of condemnation New Jerusalem of celebration Babylon of the Second Death New Jerusalem of eternal life Babylon of Satan New Jerusalem of God Babylon of great wickedness New Jerusalem of great goodness […]

Hopes and Fears- 2016

Hopes and Fears – 2016       The hopes and fears For this year My hopes and fears For this year Are met in You Lord Jesus     As I contemplate This year A truly unknown But known And guided By a Sure Hand You are all I will need In this journey […]