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Tribute to an illustrious journalist- Komla Afeke Dumor (1972-2014)

Komla Afeke Dumor was a Ghanaian broadcast journalist who worked for the BBC(British Broadcasting Corporation) from 2007. He was the anchor for the Focus on Africa program. He suddenly died exactly a week ago today from a suspected heart attack. In his relatively short career, he endeared himself to a lot of listeners and viewers […]


  When all hope … When all hope is lost When nothing seems To work When no understands You When frustrations build Up When you are abandoned In your need When you can’t make ends Meet Talk to Jesus (10/1/13)

Your Will

  Your Will Your Will will always Be what must Prevail Though it will not always Be easy to take it It must always Prevail For that is only Where we will Find happiness And peace Jesus (9/8/13)

New Year

  New Year New challenges New problems New difficulties New breakthroughs New successes New victories New commitments New strength New power Still the same God We will still trust You To lead us through The New Year (1/3/14)