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Ancestors Those who came before Before those who came Before those who will come Before before before Those before Generations upon generations Upon generations and generations To come Through time (6/9/13) Advertisements

Youth to Adulthood – Our Marriage

Today we celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary. I publish some poetry that was written in the course of our courtship and the wedding ceremony which have never seen publication. Together Together we shall walk the path of matrimony Your hand in mine and mine in yours We shall look into each other’s eyes And we […]

Happy Birthday Mama

On this 15th day of June, my late mother, Mrs. Gladys K. Obeng was born in Ghana, West Africa. She would have been 87 years old today. We want to celebrate her memory with this poem. Happy birthday Mama Mixed up with eternity Where the limits of this Life disappears In a month we should […]

Frozen In Time

Frozen in time Elapsed years Against current years Of the 18th Century Still in 21st Century Lives being lived Products being used Thoughts being thought Attitudes being had Moving but still Frozen In time (5/24/13)

The painter and the poet

Painter and Poet He painted with a brush I with a pen He painted with colors I with words He painted on an easel I with a paper He painted the physical I painted the soulful Painters both we are (4/2/13

Stand aside

Stand aside Stand aside friend And let the Divine Take over your estranged life Stand aside disappointed one And let the Consoler Give you new reassurance Stand aside brokenhearted person And let the Repairer of hearts Heal your wounded soul Stand aside impoverished one And let the Enricher of lives Upgrade your life Stand aside, […]