Monthly Archives: February 2014

Exits and entrances

  Exits and entrances Exit Entrance Exit Entrance For every exit It is also an Entrance For every entrance It is also an exit Exit Entrance Exit Entrance Where does it Lead? To joy or sorrow Heaven or Hell? (10/3/13) Advertisements

Your Love

This is a Valentine’s Day poem dedicated to my wife, friend and life partner , Fanny   Your Love Woman among women Heart of my heart Joy of my life Fulcrum of my movements My found rib I celebrate you Today My Fanny Your love Empowers me Your love Strengthens me Your love Stimulates me […]


  Goodbye I don’t like Departures Of friends and family Whether it’s for Now or ever ‘cause whenever one Says goodbye My heart goes slump I wish we will always See our loved ones And friends And never have to Say goodbye (10/2/13)

Try Jesus

  Try Jesus Life taking you for a ride? Try Jesus Confused about religion? Try Jesus Want to end it all? Try Jesus Want to kill someone? Try Jesus Try Jesus Try Jesus (10/1/13)