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Spring Again

Spring Again Liberated from the protracted coldAlexandriaBreaks out in joyAt the big sun burstAnd welcome warmth On this April week-endThe smiles are hereAnd thereHumanity out and aboutThe streets are busyAnd dangerousThe excitement is in the air Spring has truly landedSummer seems to quicklyFollow at its heels(4/12/14) Advertisements

Easter Sunrise on the Mall and on the Lincoln Memorial

Easter Sunrise on the Mall and on the Lincoln Memorial From the distance theInspiring music fillsThe breaking dawn airThe people of the KingdomGather from everywhereThe people of the WorldOn that MallOn that cold MorningTo rememberTo celebrateThe victorious EventDefining our very existenceThe Son of God’s earthly workIn culminationHis sacrificeAnd our redemptionHis resurrection The very breaking of […]


The Women The women stood thereWith their embalming ointmentsStupefied in amazementThe stone was rolled awayThe body of Jesus was absent Suddenly two men in shinningHeavenly robes clad appearedHe isn’t here, he’s aliveDon’t you remember His word? Recognition dawned on themAnd joy flowed in their heartsLike a bullet they shot offAll the way to Jerusalem Excitedly […]

He endured it all

He endured it all The soldiers gambled forHis clothing with diceThe indifferent crowd looked onAnd the Jewish leaders laughedAnd scoffed pitilesslyThe soldiers mocked Him tooOffering Him a drink of sour wine Above His cross they wrote This is the King of the JewsMy Savior endured it all sayingFather forgive these peopleFor they don’t know whatThey […]


Hosanna Humility rode on a donkeyNationalism rose in acclaimFaith joined in the chorusThe entry to JerusalemWas madeYet the beginning ofA colossal EventHosanna, hosanna(4/7/14)

Fullness of Time

Fullness of Time In the fullness of His timeIn the readiness of His timingIn the culmination of His nature so timelyIn the perfection of His acts so timeousHe makes it all come togetherIn His timeNot my timeLord of our Time(12/15/13)