Monthly Archives: September 2015

What will you do ?

What will you do?       Will you hear the sound of The trumpet When He blows it One day?   Will you receive it in anticipation? Will you have had your Desire fulfilled? Will you tremble at this sound? Will you wish it never Had gone off? Will you regret it happened?   […]


Awake                             The world moves on and Many are passing on to Hell Yet Some Christians doze Others sleep And more snore Yet it is waking up time Or else the frightful groans Of the wretched ones Will forever disturb us. (1/21/83 – based on Eph 5:14)

Christian showman

(from my archives I share one poem with you all my dear friends) Christian Showmanship       May I introduce to you God’s man of our time The preacher of the hour The great evangelist Mrs, Rev, Mr, Dr Who has travelled widely In Britain, America, and Europe Let’s give him a hand Then […]

The Sound of the Trumpet

    The Sound of the Trumpet     Someday the trumpet Shall sound   Someday we will be caught Up in the air Someday we will go to Be with Jesus   Someday we will see Him Face to face   Someday we will put On our robes   Someday we will walk The […]