Monthly Archives: March 2017

No matter…

No matter…       No matter what You say No matter what You put across No matter what You declare No matter what You postulate Be it good Be it bad Be it controversial   Someone will find sense in it someone will find credence   if it helped if it blessed Someday God […]

If only

If only       If only Someone had spoken to him If only She had listened If only They had known that Help was so near If only He had waited a little longer If only She had listened to the Voice of God If only He had accepted the decision If only She […]

For eternity

For eternity       A prayer said for someone Who may not know you A help given to a Total stranger Praying for nations You have never visited Praying for missionaries You don’t know Donating in cash or in kind To help vulnerable people somewhere Things done with all our hearts For people we […]


Faultfinding       Your nose is Too long Your mouth is Too big Your ears are Too long Your nose is Too pointed Your speech was Too boring Your presentation was Too shallow You were looking confident You looked shabby In appearance You should have done it In this way You are not equal […]