Monthly Archives: April 2015

Giant Killer

  Giant Killer   When the giants of despair Appear When the giants of hopelessness Appear When giants of poverty Appear When the giants of disappointment Surge When the giants of disease Grow When the giants of tragedy Strike Jesus is stronger Jesus is mighty Jesus is gracious To kill every foe He kills our […]

Papa Lincoln

This is a tribute to commemorate 150th anniversary of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln   Papa Lincoln     The deathly silence Stokes the still air A heaviness falls on Remembering gentry It’s a century and fifty To the day and hour Papa Lincoln So cruelly cut off From us all The faithful gather In […]

You are saved…

You are saved…   You are saved Not to go and sit But to walk In His glory You are saved Not to sleep But to be awake To hear Him You are saved Not to keep silent But to speak for Him You are saved Not to live for yourself But to live for […]

The Stone

The stone Earth shaking Crunching stone Rolling away My Savior Breaks free From death’s Icy hands Claims victory And deliverance For us all Thank you My Lord What a Savior (4/3/15)

Blessed Easter

Significant pieces in a defining journey Triumphant entry into Jerusalem Betrayed at a Supper Agony in a Garden Trial at a hasty Court Appearance before a Potentate Whipped and mocked by the military The Ultimate price Was inflicted on Him For my sin He who knew no sin The king of kings and The Lord […]