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Spring Spring is here The grass is green The air is warm The sky is sunny The squirrels are out The leaves are colorful The pollen is here The allergies appear The darkness is shorter The days are longer Spring is here (4/8/13) Advertisements

He is the only One

He is the only One He is the only One Who can see everything He only can see Yesterday He only can see Today He only can see Tomorrow All At the same time


The poem below was written a couple of decades ago as my tribute to my teachers. I believe it still has some relevance today that is why I have decided to share it with my readers. Teacher Thou who workest in the rejected Profession today Thou whose work was once Esteemed Thou who once lived […]

Gulf War

In commemoration of 10 years since the Gulf War , I reproduce a poem written on it. Gulf War The general language was tough As war preparations continued in the Gulf As America walked off in a huff The nervous world panted in a puff (1/91)