Monthly Archives: May 2017

Sowing and reaping

  Sowing and reaping         You sow the wind You reap the storm You sow the rebellion You reap the chaos You sow the hard work You reap the success You sow the rejection You reap the regret You sow the arrogance You reap the fall You sow the lies You reap […]

Looking unto…

    Looking unto‚Ķ     Looking unto wealth Looking unto fame Looking unto deception Looking unto success Looking unto health Looking unto people Looking unto friends Looking unto lovers Looking unto family Looking unto tradition Looking unto pastors Looking unto leaders Looking unto institutions Looking unto systems May get you somewhere     But […]


  Mother       Consultant Counsellor Go-to Person Helper Friend Strict One Chief Encourager Disciplinarian Constant concern Overwhelming care One who gave her all Everything     Replicated in so many A day not being Truly adequate To celebrate You A lifetime of mine And your gratitude Mother (5/11/17)    

High wire acts

High wire acts       Feats of this life Stunts executed Acts of bravery Taking big risks To make others happy To make others comfortable   Sometimes all may not Go as planned We have to keep this in mind Grateful we have to be always   Our heroes around us Our people of […]