Monthly Archives: September 2013

On the mountaintop

On the mountaintop And in the valley In health And in sickness In wealth And in poverty In joy And in sorrow In hope And in disappointment You are always there For me Dear God (9/1/13) Advertisements

Mi Creador (My Creator)

Mi Creador Mi Creador Mi Vida Mi Alma Mi Ser Mi Ciel Mi Luna Mi Sol Tú eres Todos Mi Dios Gracias My Creator My Creator My Life My Soul My Being My Sky My Moon My Sun You are Everything My God Thank You (7/30/13)


9/11 Victims On that Day They came from Far and near To their offices To work for America They hurried in the Streets to their businesses The hand of terrorists Struck And they were gone We remember You all We won’t forget (9/11/13) Heroes Passengers on the planes Policemen keeping order Firefighters rescuing people And […]


Discouragement When discouragement Camped before my door Refusing my access To the outside Of hope and strength My prison was impregnable Till the Liberator Arrived To flush him out And restore My access To that which I Deserve Hope and strength (8/3/13)