Monthly Archives: February 2015

Casual observer

Casual observer   There was no great Fanfare When the Romans Took Him to the Cross To the casual observer He was one of the Usual statistics A criminal Getting his due A casual observer You can also be When you do not Participate In the midst of All that happens Around you In life […]

Where we come from

Where we come from Our journeys Our backgrounds Our origins Our lives Religious home Good character Murderer Wicked Liar Immoral Varied they all May be But that which Matters But that which Is most important Is our response To His call To the Son of God A recourse to Him A saving faith His Lordship […]

Evergreen One

This poetry is dedicated to Fanny my wife of many years on the occasion of Valentine’s Day Evergreen one   Evergreen one Your love fountain Never dries up And it is from which I will always drink our kindred souls our kindred hearts our kindred spirits to you my love to you my friend to […]

What kind of Light ?

What kind of light?   What kind of light Do you have To decide and To respond to Him Those who have little Light revealed to Them Will be judged on Their response To that Light We who have so much Light revealed to Us today In church And everywhere else Will be judged on […]