Monthly Archives: March 2014

Why am I here ?

Why am I here? How long will I beAround?What must count inMy life?What must my presenceHere on earth accomplish?What must be important in My life? I need to find out alwaysAnd doFor my presence here Brief or longMust count in every wayFor Jesus(12/8/13) Advertisements

My Control

  My control I want to be in Control Of all that surrounds Me All that has to do with Me Frustration hits Me When it doesn’t always Happen But how much can I Control? And have peace I will leave Jesus To do the controls And it will work better (12/8/13)

It seems

  It seems   Sometimes it seems The prayers we pray Are not answered The way we asked God to do it As if He had not Understood or Heard us well But we can rest Assured That He indeed Hears us Always But answers them According to His will (11/10/13)

A child again

  A child again Sometimes I wish that I was a child again And I could climb Into my mother’s lap And lay my head On her chest And just sleep away Away from the world Away away away Away from everything? A child again (11/5/13)


  Weird Clock ticking backwards Cupboard walking Table dancing Shoes vanishing while You walk in them All your teeth disappearing While you eat Your dog writing a letter With a pen (10/10/13)