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The Joker

With the unfortunate events of Aurora, Colorado which happened on 20th July 2012 still fresh in our minds as we mourn and reflect, I capture in words ‘pictures’ of the incident and our thoughts.   Angry Joker   Orange hair Youthful face Intelligent chap Introvert Nice smile Movie patron   Mental imbalance Cannabis  Terrorist   […]


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Temptation   Do not touch                                                    I want to touch I touch   Do not say I want to say I whisper   Do not go I want to go I slip away   Do not eat I want to eat I taste (27/04/06)

Serenity @ 4

When all the embers of mourning die out, your perpetual flame of remembrance will always burn before me.- mko (Today marks the 4th anniversary of the passing of my good friend , John Benjamin Annoh-Quarshie. As a tribute to his good memory. I re-produce some of the poetry written as a tribute to him)                                                                     […]

Summer bliss

When the streaks of summer Dawned on the second score year A two score day The tides of goodwill And Godspeed Continuing to stroke the shore A June bride and groom To reflect on a glorious day And seasons following suit A golden sun A Divine hand Providence and protection Dei gratia A paean, a […]

Welcome to my world – Bitz ‘n’ pieces from a simple guy’s cranium

    Hi folks,           Welcome to the world of Cofy. This is a world of poetry. On this blog I will be featuring my poetry and that of others. My poetry has been written over a period of more than two decades. I still continue to write. They are mainly christian and social.I Trust […]