Monthly Archives: January 2017

Cycles of life

Cycles of life         In this life Childhood to teens Teens to youth Youth to adulthood Adulthood to aged Aged to the end   Nothing to something Something to plenty Poverty to wealth Wealth to poverty Poverty to modesty Sorrow to happiness Happiness to sorrow Fear to courage Courage to fear Health […]

Discouragement is a luxury

Discouragement is a luxury       When you meet discouragement After discouragement And your back seems To be on the wall Your hopes are threatened Discouragement can only Be a luxury You cannot afford For you cannot Give up You have to plod on Till victory is won (8/8/16)  

Fact vs Truth

Fact vs Truth       Fact is I may be sick Truth is God is a Healer Fact is I may lack money Truth is God owns everything Fact is I may feel sad Truth is God gives me joy Fact is I may atimes feel lost Truth is God is my Guide Fact […]

I don’t want to be involved

  I don’t want to be involved       I don’t want to be Involved Because it would hurt My standing I would lose fine friends I would be shunned by others I would be mocked by some people What would Jesus want Me to do In this situation Would He be happy If […]