Monthly Archives: December 2013

2013 In Retrospect

  2013 In Retrospect Vistas pass by The cycle that Commenced The cycle that Is closing For some an unlucky one Because of the number thirteen For me always in God’s Hands No matter which Number comes (12/29/13) Advertisements


The Overlooked The Big Message Of a Great Birth Was sent through The overlooked in Society The shepherds To get to us all A Savior has been Born (12/24/13) A Star A Star unnamed A light to lead A beacon to guide A mystery to be revealed A Savior born (12/24/13) A Light To them […]

Still Merry Christmas

  Christmas Even though it turns To happy holidays The season will never Be lost on us For carols will still Be played and sung In church and Everywhere else To remind us all That It’s still Merry Christmas (12/8/13)

Though a year…

We sadly recall the events of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut when Adam Lanza ruthlessly cut down 20 children and 6 teachers in a rampage. To commemorate this memorial, I publish a poem in their memory and republish some others written a year ago. Though a year… Though a year is passing Our […]

Nelson Mandela -the man

Nelson Papa Mandela   President Mandela            Great Mandela                 Famous Mandela                    Legendary Mandela                        Amazing Mandela Gone but not gone Absent in our sights Absent in physical form Present in our thoughts Present in our hearts (12/6/13) An enigma In a world of Entrances and exits You made your way Into this one […]