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My blessings- a year in perspective

My blessings- a year in perspective       It only takes A thought An introspective look A personal analysis To see how My year has gone I have to only But count My blessings And see beyond The negative To see That is has been good Will always be grateful To the Master For […]

Merry Christmas- 2015 Collection II

  If there was no birth     If there was no birth There would be no death If there was no birth There would be no salvation If there was no birth There would be no deliverance If there was no birth There would be no reconciliation If there was no birth There would […]

Merry Christmas-2015 Collection

Christmas –yesteryear childhood     Memories sweet Well up and up Sweet childhood Ghana, Africa everywhere Christmas Parties upon parties Food upon food Caroling in the vicinity Lots of mirth and excitement Nativity plays acted In school and in church Visits to friends Visits to relatives Travels to the village Attendance to packed churches Setting […]


  Decay       Decay in environment Decay in politics Decay in family Decay in society Decay in church Decay in living Decay in circumstances Decay in relationships Decay, decay, decay Decay in all of life (10/23/15)

A Secret

A   secret       That which cannot Be disclosed Be retold Be repeated Be mentioned Be shared publicly Be divulged Be whispered Be hinted     But which must Be protected Be secured Be kept Be held (10/14/15)


Hope         A calm A breath A peace A plan An anticipation An expectation A desire An attitude A power A confidence A trust An assurance A strength (10/14/15)