Monthly Archives: February 2013

Love is…

LOVE Love is more than sexual desire and fulfillment It is more than a response to a beautiful woman Or a handsome man Love is of God, for God is love Love is more than words, it is action Love is commitment and obedience Love gives, love shares, love cares Love is unconditional Love can […]


I reproduce two valentine poems written for my lovely wife a few years ago : Becauseā€¦ Because I declared my love for you years ago Because we went on to tie the knot Because we have vowed to love each other Because we have always cared for each other Because we have always looked out […]


(This being the month of love, I present a few of the ‘love poems’ I have written) Lovely one Lovely one Your smile is all I need You entered the depths Of my heart And you stirred my being I belong To you My thoughts are imprisoned In your affections You made my day. Your […]


Time Time ticks away Time flies so quickly The work left unfinished The witnessing left undone The intended visit unpaid The planned journey unmade And some of the plans achieved All at the end of the day Each passing day leaves one So dissatisfied and saddened Because much of what we plan We fail to […]