If I were God…     If I were God I would help the man who had lost his car key to find it imediately I would heal all the Sick in my church and world I would give money to all the People who are poor I would give all the Homeless homes to […]

Dear folks, I wade into the discussions on gun violence after yet another mass killingSe, the inaction of those who can do something to stop this trend is so saddening:   Moment of silence       Moment of silence Moment of denial Moment of hypocrisy Moment of betrayal Moment of indifference Moment of tragedy […]

Mene     God numbers God numbers my hours God numbers my days God numbers my weeks God numbers my years God numbers my life So God expects me to Live for Him God expects me to Serve Him God expects me to Love Him God expects me to Work for Him (7/9/17)  

Hostage       Hostage to sin Hostage to bad habits Hostage to bad thoughts Hostage to greed Hostage to drunkenness Hostage to drugs Hostage to addictions Hostage to hypocrisy Hostage to deceit Hostage to good works Hostage to immorality Hostage, hostage, hostage Hostage to many things Jesus set me free (1/29/17)

Noise     Crash Bang Din Boom Buzz Crack Rat-a-tat Beep Dring Swosh Splash   What’s your noise Positive or negative Let it glorify Him (1/15/17)  

My God in Numbers       One in true God Two in united companions Three persons in one Four in His creation work Five in His abundant grace Six in our tragic Fall Seven in His perfection Eight in new beginnings provided Nine in finality and judgment Ten in completion of His purposes Twelve […]

The place       There is a place Which is all of grace Life’s summary of a race Which has a real trace An earthly destination Which needs not much contemplation Our forbears our kin Our family still in No one left out Of what it is all about Have found their place In […]