Monthly Archives: April 2018

I am

I am     I am that I am That is what He is   He is what He is That is who He is   We are who He makes us That is what we can be   We will be where He wants us to be That is where He will take us […]

Customized for me

Customized for me     God sent His Son Just for me Specially for me Suffered for me Rejected for me Died for me Resurrected for me Ascended for me Will return for me (2/11/18)


Absent   Absent Absent Absent   Absent from pain Absent from sickness Absent from cares Absent from worries Absent from poverty Absent from wealth Absent from hustles Absent from struggles Absent from excitements   Present Present Present   With the Lord (11/14/17)  

In your resurrection

In your resurrection     Lord of death Lord of life Your resurrection proved Your power Your faithfulness Your divinity   Mankind could Trust you Believe you   Because You Kept your word (3/31/18) Gamechanger     He is not here He is risen   That settles it for me That seals the deal for […]