Monthly Archives: July 2014

Missing the Message

Missing the message Don’t miss the Message Don’t miss the Messenger Don’t be caught in the Search for the faults You think you perceive If you would want to Analyze the content Don’t throw away objectivity Aside to find fault Don’t ignore the obvious And miss the message Don’t miss the message Don’t miss the […]


Wretched Slowly he makes his Way about Lost in his thoughts If any Lost in time Lost in his surroundings Each day passes Each day goes by No hope No desire Wretched in appearance Wretched in thinking Wretched in soul Wretched in spirit Wretched, wretched, wretched Only Jesus can help (4/24/14)

In Prison

In Prison In a prison of deceit In a prison of desperation In a prison of poverty In a prison of wealth In a prison of fame In a prison of pride In a prison of love In a prison of hate In a prison of lust In a prison of piety In a prison […]

Double tongue

Double tongue He is such an angel Whisper He is such a devil Whisper She is my good friend Whisper She is such a bad person Whisper I just can’t stand them Whisper I enjoyed your food Whisper I found the food awful Whisper Can you take them seriously? Can we trust them? Which are […]