Monthly Archives: February 2017

When all

To bring down the curtain on the month of love I share my pieces on love with you all:   When all   When all is said and done And everyone else is done It will be my love that will not be done Burgeoning swelling not to be undone   When all is said […]

Bandwagon effect

Bandwagon effect     It appears All are behind him Region A is going For He appears in the Lead at She has maintained The advantage at Everyone seems to be Buying Sales of the product has Skyrocketed This is what everyone Wears today This album is now Number one Let’s all vote for him […]

Still standing

Still standing         Battered and Pushed down Kicked around By disappointments By difficulties By sickness By betrayal By defeat By failure By uncertainty       I am still On my feet Still standing By God’s grace (9/17/16)  


Generations         Different generations My parents’ generation My parents’ parents’ generation My children’s generation Generations before Generations after Generations to come Generations upon generations Each with a perspective Each with an uniqueness Each with an identity Each with a history Each with a life Generations (9/17/16)