Monthly Archives: August 2012

Carnival(Notting Hill)

Carnival….   North, south , east , west Humanity gathers Celebrate Black , blacks, Africans Caribbeans, whites Loud earth shattering powerful music Reggae , samba, soca Drumbeats Gyrating waists, stomping the earth Panties, bras, bikinis big and small Women and men old and young gentry Few ganja puffs Colourful , gay dresses File past In […]


    Five minutes   Five minutes sunshine cloudy grey skies light showers cold draughts more sunshine brief plenty warmth   more rain more cold more sun more wind   L’ster   Leicester, Northampton, Daventry, Wrexham, Milton Keynes, Luton, Newport, Pagell, Bedford, Watford, A43, M40, M1, A509, A421   Idyllic countryside Green rolling carpet many […]

Captain B

  Captain B                                      1800 and so Stood Captain Bossman                                                                        In his Fort San Antonio Its name   Beautiful black Women in his courtyard For the taking Not enough to satisfy   Glancing through his Long looking glass Beheld a maiden pretty   From his canon position Perceived her near him Reached out to touch […]

New York

  NY   High and higher Tall and taller Big and bigger Blocks and blocks Cement and paint Wood and glass Lights and lights Streets and streets People and people   One loud chorus of civilization The Empire State  


  Sometimes we are happy Jesus is very near Sometimes we feel sad Jesus is still near   Sometimes we are satisfied with everything Jesus is near Sometimes we don’t have enough Jesus is still near Sometimes we are very healthy Jesus is near Sometimes we are held down by sickness Jesus is very near […]