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Premature Young life Young body Young future Young friends Young expectations Adult talk Adult actions Adult perceptions Adult problems No more child Not yet adult Not yet resourced Bottom falls out A world crashes (5/24/13) Advertisements


      Uncertainty   Eh, eh, eh Yeees Eh, eh, eh Nooo Eh, eh , eh Should I? Maybe I Or? Never mind (5/18/13)

The Gap

The Gap He lived in the past And we in the present He talked of yesteryear And we of today His preoccupation was in What had happened before Ours was in what was unfolding To him the Past was all important To us it was the Present that mattered To him we were a problem […]

God’s love

What a love I look up I look down I look around I shake my head I just can’t understand What a love What a love God’s agape love For me It reaches me everywhere On earth In the sky Underwater Through my fears for today Through my worries about tomorrow Through hunger, pain and […]