Monthly Archives: July 2016

In verse

In Verse         Travelling in life Moving in life Different encounters Different situations Same people Same situations Paths we walk People we meet Everyday Unending stream Unending torrent A spring Gushing out Seeping out In my thoughts In my reflections In verse A bard I portray them All Thank God (2/12/16)   […]


Belshazzar         The Hand of God Writes on the wall A monarch trembles A monarch is aghast An audience ponders It was only the Hand of God What if His very face Had rather appeared Devastation would Have been more Someday All will have to Fear Him Will it be joy Will […]

Your faith

  Your faith         Simple faith Seed faith True faith Healing faith Demonstrated faith Enduring faith Overcoming faith saving faith All embracing faith Stubborn faith Total faith Divine faith What faith do you have? (2/7/16)  


  Bellum         A fight A darkness A rage A conflict A confusion A disquiet An uproar A dispute A discord A declaration An outburst A skirmish An uprising A defiance An attitude A falling out An unrest All not lacking Human involvement (1/10/16)

Opinion poll

Opinion poll       20% believe this 30% perceive that 15% disagrees 9% feel that 10% support this 60% think that 99% accept that 50% like her 70% dislike him 45% are opposed to What does God Also say about it Find out (1/18/16)