Monthly Archives: March 2018

For us

For us     My selfishness My wickedness My goodness My lifelessness     Was slain Was placed Was fixed   On Him On that Cross   For me For you For us   He paid with death He paid with sacrifice   And triumphed And vanquished   Death Sin Evil   For us all […]

Triumphant Sunday

Triumphant Sunday     Amidst the shouts Amidst the cries Amidst the acclamation   A journey began An odyssey began A trip began   For   The King of Glory The King of Peace The King of Salvation   And   Bethany was not Bethphage was not Jerusalem was not   The destination   But […]

My obituary

  My obituary     They said I was done They said I was finished They said I was history They said I was dead   Because   Everything fell apart Everything caved in Everything collapsed   There seemed to be   No chance No way No means   That   I could come back […]


Help     Through my despair Through my confusion Through my desires     I cried out I yelled out     To the world To the people To the country   I need help I need help   Who can come to my aid? Who can give me meaning?   I ran to the […]

Our world

  Our world     Violence Wickedness Fear Poverty Confusion Addictions Abuse Brokenness Perversion Sicknesses Deception Our world Our life Our being Suffers Jesus delivers Jesus saves (10/2/17)