Monthly Archives: March 2016

Resurrection morning

Resurrection morning     Resurrection morning Triumphant morning Victorious morning Celebratory morning Famous morning Easter morning   He rose from death And changed The game Forever for me For us all Halleluyah (3/26/16)     Victory     Victory Victory Victory   When you were born Herod shook When you died The earth shook When […]

Easter Collage

His pain     His pain My pain His agony My agony His chastisement My chastisement His crucifixion My crucifixion His journey My journey His cry My cry Thank you Lord For Easter (3/20/16)   Grateful for Calvary     At Calvary My judgment Became His My condemnation Became His My destruction Became His   […]

Triumphant entry

Triumphant entry       Triumphant entry Jesus’ entry God’ entry The Light of life Should enter Bursting forth Into our very lives     Jesus our King The King of kings The Lord of lords Enters Jerusalem Enters the city Enters our lives   To reign To lead To dwell   Hosanna, hosanna That […]

That which…

    That which…         That which degrades From Unhealthy desire Wacky thoughts Love of money Inordinate ambition Craving for power Unwise choices (10/23/15)  

A Place of Fellowship

  A Place of Fellowship       Lord as I come in With You I want to also leave With You Since you have blessed My time spent Here In knowing you better And arming Me to Be fruitful Go with Me Lord And bless me (10/18/15)  

Lord of Everything

  Lord of Everything         Exceedingly Abundantly Beyond Everything We ask From Him     Oh what blessings To reap As we trust This Great Provider And Giver Our Mighty God Truly Omnipotent Truly Lord Of Everything (10/18/15)