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War       In the hearts In the spirits In the souls Of mortal Men An aggression An invitation An anger Creeps Dominates Spilling out In the open In fights In conflicts In games In war Only the Savior Brings that Peace That lasts That wars Could end (1/10/16) Advertisements


Fathers     Celebrate we our dear fathers this day and always. (6/18/16)   Standing as the Strength of the home and the stabilizing hand. (6/18/16)   Fathers’ influence and visible hands have guided and continue to do so. (6/18/16)   They take the shape of the natural, adopted, spiritual and others for fatherhood. (6/18/16) […]

Muhammad Ali

  These haikus are my tribute to a man who ignited our childhood and kept me and my friends up in the night cheering as we listened on radio in the wee hours and later on TV. They are being posted on the day of his funeral. Rest in peace Ali!   Muhammad Ali   […]

Your faith

Your faith       Simple faith Seed faith True faith Healing faith Demonstrated faith Enduring faith Overcoming faith All embracing faith Stubborn faith Total faith Divine faith What faith do you have? (2/7/16)