Monthly Archives: August 2017

A Call

A Call     A call An obligation A duty An expectation   What I should not What I cannot What I must not   Escape from Deviate from Run away from Shy away from   What God wants me to do for Him (6/4/17)     Advertisements


Eclipse       Eclipse of our hopes Eclipse of our desires Eclipse of our plans Eclipse of our work Eclipse of our struggles Eclipse of our achievements Eclipse of our person Eclipse of our relationships Eclipse of so much   Sometimes for the good Sometimes for the bad Only God sheds The right Light […]

Our world in flux

Our world in flux       Left wing Right wing Center moderates Extreme right Extreme left Left of center Right of center Xenophobia Opportunism Terrorism Upheavals Opiod crisis Strident nationalism Various shades March upon march Protest upon protest A world in turmoil A world in confusion A world in need The forgotten The abandoned […]


Pro…     Pro –life Pro-democratic Pro-death Pro-suicide Pro-wealth Pro-capitalism Pro-socialism Pro-liberalism Pro-conservative Pro-continuity Pro-change Pro-Jesus Pro-living for Him That’s what matters (5/16/17)