Monthly Archives: July 2017


Angry     I was angry I was bitter I was enraged I was hateful Because I had been hurt I had been deceived I had been disappointed I had been victimized And I wanted to hit back I wanted to go off on them I wanted to revenge I wanted to hate But I […]


Fragile       Our lives Our health Our hopes Our plans Our success Our desires Our wants Our actions   We are all Fragile Without Jesus (4/9/17)  

Lost & Found

Lost & Found       In Jesus I lost sorrow I found joy I lost despair I found hope I lost sickness I found healing I lost an Enemy I found a Friend I lost poverty I found wealth I lost fear I found courage I lost death I found life I lost nothing […]

Beyond all else

Beyond all else       When happiness has run its course When all the money is gone when all the friends have left when the bottom has fallen out our joy in Christ shall remain always   because it goes beyond how we feel where we are what our situation in this life is […]

But not enough

But not enough       Too holy but not holy enough Too righteous but not righteous enough Too humble but not humble enough Too honest but not honest enough Too kind but not kind enough Too gracious but not gracious enough Too loving but not loving enough Too bold but not bold enough Too […]