Monthly Archives: November 2013

So much to be thankful

Thankful So much So much So much To be thankful For yesterday For today For tomorrow All that happens All that doesn’t happen In every circumstance In every station Of life Much to be thankful To you my God (11/20/13) Advertisements


JFK 50 seasons soon You’re gone 50 seasons now We remember You 50 seasons ago The assassin did His evil deed 50 seasons then A nation was aghast 50 seasons today A nation recalls With contemplation What an era! (11/22/13)


Unfinished Uncompleted Halfway through Not yet done Just started To be continued Will be finished someday Not quite there yet Under construction (9/30/13)

Where will I go?

Where will I go? Where will I go Again? Because there is Nowhere else I could go to Because out there There is no one else Because you had Mercy on me Because you saved My soul Because I will be Lonely without you Where else? Where else? My Lord, My God (9/8/13)

I would not…

I would not… I would not do Something bad I would not do Something others dislike I would not do Something evil I would not do Something no one Will discover I would not do Something deceitful Because if men do not See it God still sees and this is what matters (09/21/13)