Monthly Archives: November 2016

Lifting our souls to others

Lifting our souls to others       Lifting my soul Lifting my heart Lifting my spirit To search for wealth To crave for fame To deeply admire someone To anything else But You O Lord That I may worship You alone Always (6/26/16)   Advertisements


Thanksgiving       In deep contemplation Of everything That happens once in A while Some of the time We may not fully Understood or accept As a person As a people As a nation In all of these We still remain grateful We still say thanks To the Almighty God (11/21/16)  

  1˚     One degrees Two degrees Three degrees Four degrees Five degrees Many more little degrees Of deviation From His Word From His commands From following Him Will only lead us Astray And more and more Into the Hands Of the Enemy So beware (6/26/16)    

Scripting the story of my life

  Scripting the story of my life       The Master Architect The Perfect Storyteller Is busy At work He does not make mistakes He is truly at work Still writing the lines Still writing the script As I allow Him May His Will be done In my life (6/21/16)  

He is nearer than you think

Nearer than you think       When we pray and Pray and pray About someone About something That God Would hear our Prayer And the answer Seems to delay And delay and delay     Just keep on and Hold on For your answer Is nearer than You think Keep on Hold on (6/19/16) […]

Mama the 20th Year

This poem is dedicated to the memory of our late mum, Mrs. Gladys Kumi Obeng who entered into glory on November 3rd, 1996.   Mama the 20th Year     Mama the 20th year Has arrived As we remember Your passing It’s so long ago now But it’s still so fresh Many have forgotten You […]