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When the year elapsing…     When the year elapsing Does not bring you all Wish for Does not fulfil all your Expectations Does deliver some shocks to Your system Does take away loved ones Does give limited victories Does hand down setbacks Does give many mixed feelings Does leave you many times Not knowing […]

Messages of Christmas

Messages of Christmas       Immanuel He is with Us   The Manger God can go low for us. We must be humble.   The Shepherds God always leads and protects Us.   The Angels God never stops speaking to Us. He doesn’t leave us in the dark.   Mary and Joseph God deals […]

Buyers’ remorse

Buyers’ remorse       Should I have looked More carefully? Should I have examined The other opinion too? Should I have waited a Little longer? Should I have consulted More knowledgeable people? Should I have gone on Ahead with it at all? You may live to regret Some decisions God’s wisdom helps (7/10/16)  

Where is God?

Where is God?       God is in the light God is in the wind God is in the storm God is in the dark God is in the rain God is in the mountains God is in the earthquake God is in the fire God is in the crash God is under the […]


  Judgement       I should have said this I should not have done that I will not go to the place I will not agree to it I think it is easy I think we should give up   The benefit of hindsight Is not always available Till after the event A judgement […]