Monthly Archives: October 2015

The Acid Test

The Acid Test     A command to Love An obligation to Love An encouragement to Love Not based on a desire Not based on an afterthought Not based on a circumstance Not based on a consideration The Master’s desire The Master’s admonition No hole to wriggle through No hole to escape through The help […]


    Never           Never alone Never destitute Never unable Never fearful Never poor Never undone Never deprived Never a stranger Never disgraced Never betrayed Never, never, never With Jesus Never say never (6/14/15)

Who is Satan ?

Who is Satan?       A dragon An ogre A slick businessman A false friend A famous man A religious leader An innocent looking child A beautiful woman An angel of light A deceitful person A wicked person A seemingly good idea A thought leading to temptation The rhythms and lyrics Of a popular […]


Freedom Freedom from sin Freedom from fear Freedom from judgement Freedom from guilt Freedom from manipulation Freedom from lust Freedom from deceit Freedom from poverty Freedom from greed Freedom from hate Freedom from destruction Freedom from worry Jesus sets us all free From all that Enslaves us (8/30/15)

Doors on my life

Doors on my life       That the One who Opens Doors   Of growth, of protection Of service, of blessing On my life     That the One who Closes Doors Should close Doors Of sorrows, of disappointment Of sickness, of evil On my life (8/23/15)