Monthly Archives: March 2015

Behind every face

Behind every face     Behind every face There is a desire There is a hope There is a problem There is a situation There is a challenge There is a story There is a triumph There is a joy For God to touch When they are Led to Him (1/28/15) Advertisements


  Terror     They sow terror In our hearts In our minds In our souls In our lives From time Immemorial It was the sword It was the gun It was the bomb Ancient and modern The style is The same The motive The same Domination IRA came Red Brigades acted LRA wastes Al […]

He is enough

He is enough   When there is no Money left When you seem to See failure in every Direction When despair wants to Be your ally When God says I am with you always When God says I will supply your needs You then know That He is more Than Enough For you. (1/12/15)

Daylight savings

Daylight savings   Daylight savings is here My sleep was shorter My day is now longer Now there is some cheer To take away the drear Old Winter being here so long Oh what a difficult song Daylight savings is here Spring is lurking near (3/8/15)

A little note

A little note A little note of Kindness A little note of Encouragement A little note of Support A little note of Cheer Written and dispatched To a friend, brother Sister, parent In need of such Goes a long way To bless the one Who sends it And to glorify His Name (12/31/14)