Monthly Archives: November 2012

Mediterranean dawn

Mediterranean dawn Light blue beige sky Golden orange hue against the littoral scant light seeping through scraping clouds seif dunes standing in majesty. Advertisements

There was a naughty boy

There was a Naughty Boy ~John Keats There was a naughty boy, A naughty boy was he, He would not stop at home, He could not quiet be- He took In his knapsack A book Full of vowels And a shirt With some towels, A slight cap For night cap, A hair brush, Comb ditto, […]

Knights of the roundtable

Knights of the roundtable We are huddled Around the gossamer light Where in eeriness We read the scripts Of the modern and ancients What they have bestowed Our own in between Our souls poured out At the behest Of a literary power Our desires Our talents (Dedicated to my poetry readaround group at Sherwood Hall, […]

Late Summer dawn in Alexandria

Late Summer dawn in Alexandria Radio song Wafting down on us Dark grey rain laden Heavy clouds Threatening on our heads Reluctant dawn breaking on us Cars passing Street lights shinning Reluctant dawn Stillness broken No birds singing Reluctant dawn