Monthly Archives: October 2014

Like the eagle

  Like the eagle   Above my circumstances Above my challenges Above my defeats Above my victories Above my successes Let me rise Oh Lord And give me strength To soar Like the eagle (9/7/14) Advertisements

Let the rainbow

Let the rainbow… Let the rainbow follow Every storm Let hope accompany Every despair Let happiness follow Every sorrow Let success pursue Every failure Let encouragement trail Every discouragement Let healing come after Every sickness Let peace succeed Every conflict We pray thee (9/7/14)


Lonely Lonely alone Lonely among enemies Lonely among friends Lonely among family Lonely in defeat Lonely in success Lonely in selfishness Lonely in trust Lonely in distrust Lonely in wealth Lonely in poverty Lonely in rejection Lonely in acceptance Lonely in youth Lonely in age Lonely in the morning Lonely in the evening Lonely in […]

He cares

He cares He always cares Even when we do Not seem to feel it He always cares He always cares Even when He does Not seem to answer Our prayers He always cares Even when He seems Far away He always cares When He answers Our prayers (7/16/14)