Monthly Archives: October 2016

A cup of water

A cup of water       A cup water For the thirsty soul A piece of food Shared with the hungry A little money donated To the poor person A word of encouragement To the despairing one A little time shared With the lonely Many acts of thoughtfulness Concern and kindness Done in Jesus’ […]

My Fairytale

  My Fairytale       Once upon a time A boy was born Martin Kofi Obeng Is his name He has two brothers And a sister He had two wonderful Parents He has had quite a ride Ride Jesus has captured his very Life And is the pilot of his Destiny He lives happy […]

I’m weird

I’m weird     I’m weird I am not the world’s stereotype I do not follow the trends I believe in Jesus As my personal Savior I live for Him every day I cannot do anything without Him I know He is coming soon I’m weird (6/15/16)

Where is He?

  Where is He?         Under the sea In the clouds In the storm In the rocks In the mountains In the trees In the car In the plane In the sun In the stars In the church In the office In the home In the wind In the rain In my […]

All the pieces

All the pieces       He doesn’t show us all The pieces Sometimes He reveals nothing Sometimes He reveals something Sometimes He reveals a little more Sometimes He reveals with something Sometimes He reveals more of it   In all His revelations In all of His disclosures Be they partial Be they complete Everything […]