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9 -11 Memorial

9-11 Memorial       Nothing can beat a personal presence At such a powerful place No secondary account Can truly replace what one encounters in essence   Over 3000 souls vanquished At the murderous hands Of 19 men and evil they ravished The historical antecedent stands   And the post event action Avenging the […]

Teach us

  Teach us       Teach us how to serve You Teach us how to pray like You Teach us how to follow You Teach us how to listen to You Teach us how to live for You Teach us how to reach this Generation for You Teach us how to love You And […]

Retracing the steps to the tomb

Retracing the steps to the tomb       The earthquake The predawn stillness The aura of fear Of anticipation And uncertainty   Had done their best The women devoted Bravely ventured out To do their part A mission of adornment   Of their Master Of our Master Of their Friend Of our Friend Of […]

In my place

In my place       In my place of trial He stood   In exchange For my sin He stood   In the path Of my punishment He stood   In my circumstances Hopeless as they were He stood   I cannot forget I cannot contemplate   What a Savior What a Leader What […]

Triumphant entry into Jerusalem

Triumphant entry into Jerusalem       My triumph In His entry My triumph In the rejoicing My triumph In the hosannas My triumph In the events to come My triumph In His agony My triumph In His sacrifice My triumph In Jesus’ triumph Hosanna Hosanna (4/9/17)    

Times Square

Times Square       Young people enjoying The day The older also having Their time Lovers kissing and hugging tight Families cuddling On the Square and red stairs Little room for disagreement People from all over the world Ably here represented The very rich, the desperately poor Savoring, taking in The Big Apple Cars, […]

Different points of view

Different points of view       To the Preacher God speaks to exhort To the sinner God saves To the Christian God is our Everything To the atheist God is not there To the hungry God feeds To the agnostic God is in all of nature To the sick God is the Healer To […]