Monthly Archives: May 2016

Keep calm

  Keep calm       Keep calm Keep calm He is here Keep calm God is in charge Keep calm He knows what is best Keep calm He will never fail you Keep calm He will perfect that which concerns you Keep calm He will supply your needs Keep calm He does not change […]

Bucket list

    Bucket list       What I would Want to do before My eyes I finally Close   Tour the world See my son grow up And settle down Get a doctorate degree Write a million poems May God my help be (1/1/16)

Which Jesus ?

Which Jesus?       Jesus of the New age Jesus of the Rich Jesus of the Poor Jesus of the Sinner Jesus of the Scientist Jesus of the Powerful Jesus of the Weak Jesus of the clerics Jesus of the atheist Jesus of the Agnostic Jesus of the Theologian Jesus of the Motivational Speaker […]

Mothers – ever precious

  Mothers –ever precious       Mothers are gold and diamonds and all that is more than precious abiding always in our hearts. (5/7/16) Mothers will be and are always forever their influence never leaving us. (5/7/16) My own mother I can’t say thank you enough for all you did for me. (5/7/16) Gladys […]