Monthly Archives: January 2015

Whose report ?

Whose report? Whose report will You take When the dire seems Cast against you When the prognosis Is dismal for you When the ominous signs Seem to appear When the doctor says He or she is afraid That there is not much That can be done That he or she has no hope Of healing […]

He breaks…

  He breaks… He breaks Every chain Chain of sin Chain of poverty Chain of sickness Chain of loneliness Chain of depression Chain of pride Chain of despair Chain of hatred Every chain Every chain Every chain Jesus breaks Every chain (12/21/14)


Grace Amazing grace God’s grace Jesus’ sacrifice My sin Your sin Our sin So undeserving So unmeriting He stood in our Place God forgave Redemption arrived (12/21/14)  

The one… / Celui…

The one… The one who awaits The dawn Should wait in patience For Him It is a promise Of a new Day A promise From The One who Never deceives us The One who Owns everything The Lord of lords The King of kings Jesus Christ Is His name Celui… Celui qui attend L’aube Doit […]

New Year -2015

New Year 2015 A new year A year like No other God has made it He will rule it Though prophets may Prophesy Though analysts may Propound Though politicians may Weigh in Though economists may Postulate Though astrologers may Predict Even if good things Happen Even if bad things Happen Similarities we may see Differences […]