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Maya Angelou- 1928 -2014 The news of the passing of this phenomenal woman left me quite stunned. This is because I read her posts on Facebook all the time and her last post was only a couple of days back where she hinted that she was not very well but added she was on the […]

In Church

In Church Some are shabbily dressedThey need JesusSome are well dressedThey need JesusSome sit in frontThey need JesusSome sit in the middleThey need JesusSome sit at the backThey need JesusSome are richThey need JesusSome are of modest meansThey need JesusSome are poorThey need JesusTogetherWe all need Jesus(1/12/14)

The Big Picture

The Big Picture I see the smallHe sees the bigI see the narrowHe sees the widerI see the microHe sees the macroI see the miniatureHe sees the full designHe indeed has the WholePictureIn His HandsMy Lord(12/15/13)  

Mothers’ Day

Mothers’ day To the one who ushered us into this worldTo the One who encouraged usTo the One who urged us alongTo the One who bore us in prayerTo the One who cared for usSo tenderly when we couldn’t do soTo the One who counselled usTo the One who was there for usTo the One […]

Christian showmanship

Christian Showmanship May I introduce to youGod’s man of our timeThe preacher of the hourThe great evangelistMrs, Rev, Mr, DrWho has travelled widelyIn Britain, America, and EuropeLet’s give him a handThen the roars and claps and ovations This beautiful sisterIs a pillar of the faith And is charitableAs her name goesGod has used her so […]